Terms of Service

Payment terms: NET-30 days

Failure to pay any invoice within 30 days of its date will result in the imposition of a service charge equal to 2% per month on the unpaid balance. All payments received will be credited against the oldest unpaid invoice owed by custom (Any issues with a product must be claimed within 7 days of receiving the item. Delivery is FOB. The customer agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection and/or repossession (including attorney’s fees) that is reasonably incurred by Arctom following customer's fault or delay in payment. Arctom may repossess without any notice to the customer.

The Terms and Conditions of sale described in our catalog and price list shall apply to all transactions.

Returns, refund and Restocking:

Products may only be returned by prior written authorization from Arctom. Arctom accepts no responsibility for products returned without prior written authorization. All requests for adjustments must be made within 30 days from the invoice date.

A restocking charge of 30% of the invoice price will be made on returns and the clients have to pay for all the shipping charges unless an error was made by Arctom.

For any products of custom synthesis, contract synthesis, or backorder, no return will be accepted.

Claims for Shortages or Damage in Shipment:

All claims concerning a delivery must be made by the customer within 1 week after the customer receives that delivery. The carrier that delivers the product to the customer is responsible for any and all shortages and damage while in transit. If the customer receives a damaged product or experience shortage, the customer should make a claim according to the following procedure:

1. Shortage: Re-inspect shipping container and packing materials carefully before disposing of them. Check to be sure that missing items were not removed prior to complete unpacking. If there is a shortage, notify the carrier immediately.

2. Damage: Contact local office of the delivering carrier immediately and request that carrier's inspector examine damaged product(s) and issue inspection report. Shipping container and packing material must be retained until inspected.

After inspection, forward the inspection report and the damaged product(s) prepaid to Arctom. Arctom will handle the paperwork to file a claim.

3. Return of Merchandise

Return Authorization letter must be enclosed with the product(s) as it contains your account and invoice number. All returns must be sent Freight Prepaid to only the location indicated on the Return Authorization.

Proof of Delivery:

Request for proof of delivery for any invoice must be submitted in writing before the first invoice is older than 45 days. Once an invoice is older than 45 days, Arctom Chemicals shall have no responsibility for supplying proof of delivery. It is understood that no request for proof of delivery is an acknowledgment that the product(s), as invoiced, has been received.